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Apollo 650VA UPS

Apollo 650VA UPS
Apollo 650VA UPS
Call # 01715143685
7 Days Replacement Warranty, Delivery After 3 to 7 Working Day. 60-Day Buyer Protection Money back guarantee.
  • Availability: 01715143685
  • Brand Apollo
  • Model Apollo 650VA UPS
  • Weight: 0.00kg
  • SKU: 1821
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Brand     Apollo
Model     Apollo 650VA
Type     Offline
Input Voltage     240V
Output voltage     240V
Frequency     60Hz
Transfer Rate     2ms
Battery     1 pcs, WPS7-12, 12V 7AH
Stabilizer     Built-in
Others     Built-in Stabilizer, Load Capacity: 300W
Warranty     1 year

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