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Pen drive Computer accessories Price in bangladesh

Pendrive Computer accessories

Purchase Best Pen Drive at best Price in Bangladesh 

How our Modern Pen Drive Evolve over the Time

In the year of 2000 Trek Technology as the brand name "ThumbDrive" and IBM as "DiskOnKey" commercially introduced the USB flash drives in the market. The first pendrive’s capacity was 8 MB that is five times of the 3½-inch floppy disks. By the year 2003 the connectivity of this pen drive upgraded to USB 2.0 that is 20 times faster than the data transfer rate of first gen USB 1.1. Later in 2008 connectivity with more improved data transfer rates USB 3.0 had announced that came in the market in the beginning of 2010. As of March 2015, USB 3.1 type-C pen drive has announced by some manufacturers but eventually most consumer desktop and laptop computers using USB 3.0 ports in 2016.

What is it

USB flash drive is commonly known as thumb drive, pen drive, flash stick, flash-drive, memory stick, USB stick or USB memory using semiconductor non-volatile random-access memory. It is a data storage device with an integrated USB interface, typically removable, rewritable and smaller in size and usually it weighs less than 30 g.

Variety of Brands at Best Price

Unix Network has all the popular brands such as Sandisk, Adata, Transcend, TWINMOS, TEUTONS & Protec in the bank to meet customer needs. There are different types such as OTG, USB 3.1 USB-C, USB 2.0, Metallic are available at the best price from where you can choose your desired one. Now you can purchase from online and have the delivery at any place inside Bangladesh.

What is the price of Pendrive Computer accessories in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Pendrive Computer accessories in Bangladesh is [price]. You can buy the Pendrive Computer accessories at best price from our website or visit Unix Network Showroom Jessore Computer city . You can call mobile number 01715143685 for a free consultation

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Brand: ADATA
Adata UV320 64 GB Mobile Disk Pen Drive Specification: Key F..
Ex Tax:৳950.00
Brand: Apacer
Apacer 128 GB 3.1 Specification: Key Features ..
Ex Tax:৳1,650.00
Brand: Apacer
Apacer 16 GB 3.1 Specification: Key Features ..
Ex Tax:৳450.00
Brand: Apacer
Apacer 32 GB 3.1 Specification: Key Features ..
Ex Tax:৳550.00
Brand: Apacer
Apacer 64 GB 3.1 Specification: Key Features ..
Ex Tax:৳900.00
Brand: HP
Hp 32GB USB 3.0 Mobile Disk Drive Specification: Key Feature..
Ex Tax:৳1,000.00
Brand: HP
Hp 64GB USB 3.0 Mobile Disk Drive Specification: Key Feature..
Ex Tax:৳1,900.00
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