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Brand: Cooler Master
Brand     Cooler MasterModel     Cooler Master MasterGel MakerType     Thermal PasteFeatures     HIGH PERFORMANCE THERMAL GREASE, Enhanced User Experience Design, Precise and Even, High Conductivity to aid heat transfer, Exclusively flat-no..
Ex Tax:৳550.00
Brand: Corsair
Brand     CorsairModel     Corsair TM30Type     Performance Thermal PasteFeatures     ENTHUSIAST CPU & GPU THERMAL COMPOUND, Premium zinc oxide based thermal compound for optimal thermal performance to improve heat transfer and lower te..
Ex Tax:৳400.00
Brand: Thermaltake
Brand     ThermaltakeModel     Thermaltake TG-2 CL-O0028Type     Thermal PasteFeatures     Excellent Performance, Wide Temperature Resistance Range, High Thermal Conductivity, Low Thermal Resistance, Low Electrical Conductivity, RoHS Compli..
Ex Tax:৳450.00
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