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Deli 9931 4 Sheet 1CD or Credit Card Shredder

Deli  9931 4 Sheet 1CD or Credit Card Shredder
Deli 9931 4 Sheet 1CD or Credit Card Shredder
Call # 01715143685
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  • Brand Deli
  • Model Deli 9931 4 Sheet 1CD or Credit Card Shredder
  • Weight: 0.00kg
  • SKU: 1701
  • UPC: 17011
  • JAN: 17013
  • ISBN: 17014
  • MPN: 5800
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Brand     Exclusive
Model     Deli (Exclusive) 9931
Type     Paper Shredder
Waste bin     2.5 Liters
Sheet capacity     4 Sheet/1CD
Dimensions     249.936 x 164.084 x 192.024mm
Weight     4.0Kg
Others     10000 times shredding life, power: 130W, shreed speed: 2m/min, Shredding size: 70g/A5, Throat width: A5, 148mm, confetti cut praticle size: 3 x 10mm, Features: Small desktop mute mini colorful paper shredder, Dual purpose: office and household use, 10L pa
Warranty     1 year

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