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PNY Pen drive

PNY Pen drive

Best Quality PNY Pen Drive With The Best Pricing In Bangladesh

PNY Electronics, Inc. was founded by Gadi Cohen and it is an American-based manufacturer the produces many different products and one of those products is Memory Storage System. The company was established in 1985 and from there they have become one of the top brands. The abbreviation of PHY stands for Paris and New York. The reason for the name is because they used to distribute memory modules from Paris to New York. PHY is known as the buyer and seller of memory chips.

Facilities PNY Is Providing For You

The Pen Drives that are produced by PNY is perfect for running fast application startup, it has high reliability and security, easy deployment and secure manageability in client IT environment, optimized for reliability, power-efficiency and durability. The PNY also provides Pen Drives with maximum of 555 and 530 MB/s Reading and writing speeds. The Pen Drives also consists of the Next Generation MLC NAND Technology too. The Pen Drives also have hardware-based AES 256-bit encryption to help with the security support, it also has end-to-end data path protection with better ECC and it also has RAISE the helps to keep data safe through adding internal redundancy. The PNY has very fast performance that makes sure your PC or Laptop up to 24x faster. It can be from loading applications, transferring files or data within a very small-time frame. The Pen Drive’s memory is made from flash memory which is used for industrial supplies that helps consume less power compared to HDD. Because there aren’t any moving parts in the Pen Drive, it is more reliable and resilient with a PNY Pen Drive. This allows the Pen Drive to withstand drops and bumps without changing the data inside of the Pen Drive. The Pen Drives keep your laptop or PC cooler and quieter and it does not overheat.

Pen Drives That Unix Network Is Providing For You

Unix Network is providing you with the best quality Pen Drives that have all been tested and checked. We have brought the best quality Pen Drives that is both reasonably priced and also has a greater performance rating. The Pen Drives that we are providing for you are PNY CS2040 256GB M.2 2280 Pen Drive, PNY CS900 480GB 2.5" SATA III Internal Pen Drive are few of the Pen Drives that are being provided by Unix Network. We are providing you with the most reasonable pricing compared to any other retailer in Bangladesh.

What is the price of PNY Pen drive in Bangladesh?

The latest price of PNY Pen drive in Bangladesh is [price]. You can buy the  PNY Pen drive at best price from our website or visit Unix Network Showroom Jessore Computer city . You can call mobile number 01715143685 for a free consultation.Your comments on the following topics will accelerate our progress.

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Brand: PNY Model: M01010532
Ex Tax:৳800
Brand: PNY Model: M01011411
Ex Tax:৳1,100
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