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Digipod best price in bangladesh

Brand: Digipod
Description :Digipod TR-452 TripodDigipod TR-452 Tripod is built in Aluminum materisl with Mini Tripod / Lightweight. This tripod has 1710mm Max Extened Length, 630mm Folded Length with 1800g weight. It can be used for Point & Shoot Cameras,Mirrorless System Camera,Special Camera,D..
Ex Tax:৳17,500.00
Brand: Digipod
Description :Digipod TR-472 Camera TripodDigipod TR-472 Camera Tripod is built in Aluminum Material and used for multipurpose like a professional photographer, cameraman,tourists and generalist. Lifting lever lifting the joystick, the center post can be easily risen or fell in. Thi..
Ex Tax:৳1,900.00
Brand: Digipod
Description :Digipod TR-564 Camera TripodDigipod TR-564 Camera Tripod is built with Aluminum alloy material. In this tripod, there are 4 tripod section number, 50cm storage height, 3kg load capacity with 1 kg weight. In this tripod A four foot tube containing only 50 can be free o..
Ex Tax:৳1,600.00
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