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Purchase Best Quality UPS At Best Price in Bangladesh

Perfect Backup

In our daily life we use different types of devices that are required of continuous power supply. These computer, telecommunication equipment or other electrical devices might cause serious business disruption or data loss due to power interruption. Considering this urgency and importance we have introduced offline 650VA & 1200VA UPS for the market of Bangladesh.

Define Offline UPS

In offline it provides power backup while incoming voltage falls to the certain level, then its sensor turns on internal DC-AC inverter that works to reestablish the connection form internal storage battery. This whole process will take 25 milliseconds. 

Order Online

You have the fully functioned eCommerce platform where you have the opportunity to shop your desired item at the lowest price. Best after sale support will be ensured for the prompt delivery all over the country.

Digital X 650VA Offline UPS
Free 01715143685
Brand: Digital X Model: Digital X 650VA Offline UPS
Main FeatureCapacity    650VALoad Capacity    Load Capacity: 360WInput Voltage    85 - 135VOutput Voltage    100 - 220VFrequency (Battery Mode)    50 - 60HzBattery    1 pcs, 12V, 7AHDescription :Digital X 650VA..
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Digital X 850VA Offline UPS Digital X 850VA Offline UPS
Model: Digital X 850VA Offline UPS
Description :Digital X 850VA Offline UPSDigital X 850VA is Line Interactive UPS that will ensure to maintain power and protects them against surges, spike and other abnormalities and also maintain the safe voltage without having to resort to the battery power. This UPS will stabilize the AC signal a..
Ex Tax:৳3,000.00
MaxGreen 1200VA GOLD Offline UPS MaxGreen 1200VA GOLD Offline UPS
Model: MaxGreen 1200VA GOLD Offline UPS
Description :MaxGreen GOLD Offline UPS is a electrical device with the capacity of 1200 VA that provides emergency power backup by the help of batteries when the input power source fails. This uninterruptible power supply unit has 195VAC-255VAC voltage, that is enough to start a standby powe..
Ex Tax:৳4,800.00
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