HDMI Switch 1x5 price in dhaka

HDMI Switch 1x5 lowest price in bd

HDMI Switch 1x5 price in jashore

HDMI Switch 1x5| Unix Network
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HDMI Switch 1x5 price in dhaka

HDMI Switch 1x5
HDMI Switch 1x5
HDMI Switch 1x5
HDMI Switch 1x5
HDMI Switch 1x5
HDMI Switch 1x5
HDMI Switch 1x5 price in dhaka
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7 Days Replacement Warranty, Delivery After 3 to 7 Working Day. 60-Day Buyer Protection Money back guarantee.
  • Availability: 01715143685
  • Model HDMI Switch 1x5
  • Weight: 0.00kg
  • SKU: 350
  • MPN: 1000
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In The Box

Sales Package

HDMI Cable 1x5

Number of Contents in Sales Package






HDMI Cable

Cable Type

Standard with Ethernet High Speed Cable 1000 Mbps Speed

Connector 1

To Connect Switch HDMI Cable

Connector 2

To 1x5 HDMI Cable

Part Number



HDMI Screen Switcher 1X5



Suitable For

Switch, Over 1x5

Cable Length

9.5 m

Supported Video Features

Full HD Support


3D Support



Warranty Summary

1 Year India Warranty

Covered in Warranty

Manufacturing Defects

Not Covered in Warranty

Physical Damage and Burned

Warranty Service Type

Service Center

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