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Toner Cartridge Babson 49A

Toner Cartridge Babson 49A
Toner Cartridge Babson 49A
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Toner Cartridge Babson 49A
Toner Cartridge Babson 49A
Toner Cartridge Babson 49A
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  • Brand Babson
  • Model Toner Cartridge Babson 49A
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Product description

BABSON Gives You the Most Surprising Printing Experience!

Advantages for this compatible item:
★★★Deliver crisp text and graphics. Produce clear and consistent printing.
●Each of the cartridge has been methodically tested to ensure full working condition and a superior print quality.
●It was precisely designed to deliver clear and crisp printing result to satisfy your needs.
●High capacity provides more pages to be printed. 9,000 pages per toner cartridge at 5% coverage
●Professional color box packing and multilayer shockproof packing can avoid product damage during transportation and distribution.
●Convenient and cost-effective for daily use such as school, work, and home printing.

  Compatible with the following printers:
  LaserJet Pro M402n Printer
  LaserJet Pro M402dn Printer
   LaserJet Pro M402dw Printer
  LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdw Printer
LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdn Printer
LaserJet Pro MFP M426dw Printer

  Warm Tips:
●Please confirm your printer model before placing order.
●The computer would appear Non-Genuine, please click "OK" continuously, then the printer can go on to print.
●If you receive the toner cannot recognize your printer please turn off 30 second then turn on and install again
also you can try take the toner out and use tissue with rubbing alcohol clean the chips softly.

Customer Service Contact:
  We appreciate all of your feedback and reviews. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a great experience with this product.
  Therefore, if you experience ANY issues whatsoever, please send an email to us through clicking Contact Seller option under your order details.
  We will gladly assist you and address all your concerns.

♥♥♥ BABSON Toner Cartridge--Ensure That Your Printing Is Perfect The First Time And Every Time!

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