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Adata SSD

Get The ADATA SSD in Bangladesh at the Best Price

The features that ADATA SSDs are bring for you are implementing advanced 3D NAND Flash, it features bigger storage capacities, higher efficiency, and rugged reliability with better cost-performance ratios than ever. It also reaches read/write speeds of 560MB/s and 520MB/s to accelerate PCs. Thanks to the flexibility of 3D NAND, we can offer the SSDs in diverse capacities, ranging from 128GB to 2TB. You get more choice for different needs, whether for an OS boot drive or a mass storage drive. All the SSD models provide high Total Bytes Written, meaning the number of times an SSD can write its entire capacity in one lifespan. The SSD’s TBW rating outranks comparable models, indicating a longer-lasting SSD. The intelligent SLC caching algorithm allows NAND Flash memory to operate in single-level cell mode and boosts read/write performance. In addition, with the support of DRAM Cache Buffer, read/write performance can be as much as double that of solid state drives that lack a DRAM cache, or in other words that can't use system memory as an SSD buffer for high intensity tasks. Low density parity check error correcting code has been implemented on the SSDs, leading to a massive reduction in data errors and an equal increase in data integrity. It therefore protects your valuable content against corruption to a much greater extent than non-ECC SSDs or even SSDs that use basic BCH error correction. By supporting RAID Engine and Data Shaping, the SSDs ensures data integrity and delivers extended lifespan for better, longer-lasting stability and return on investment. Utilizing high quality materials and advanced technologies, the SSD outperforms traditional HDDs by a huge factor, with particular benefits in boot up and seek time, as well as overall much faster read/write throughput. Every SSDs purchased qualifies for free downloads of ADATA SSD Toolbox and Migration Utility. SSD Toolbox allows users to monitor and manage the SSDs, with drive status, wear level, and lifespan information. Data migration utilities are especially helpful for users making the move from HDD to SSD, as they are designed for simple and quick backup and migration of the contents of entire drives, including the operating system.

What Unix Network Is Providing For You

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What is the price of Adata SSD in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Adata SSD in Bangladesh is [price]. You can buy the  Adata SSD at best price from our website or visit Unix Network Showroom Jessore Computer city . You can call mobile number 01715143685 for a free consultation.Your comments on the following topics will accelerate our progress.

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