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Galax SSD

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Galax previously known as “Galaxytech” was founded in 1994. Galax has become famous by working from behind as the designers and manufacturer of the famous OEM brand graphic card. Galax works on creating customer user experience and trusts that each of their products need to fit its owner. The products of the company are made based on observing and honoring the way of individual customers and their needs. From 2000, they have produced many successful series that are being used around the world. The main aim of the company is to produce very good performing products that help to increase the wanting of customers for better products. They are also producing very high-end normal and gaming SSDs so that it may fulfill the desires of the customers.

Galax has brought varieties of SSDs for various purposes. They have targeted to fulfill all the fields to cover them all with SSDs. They specialize on making special gaming SSDs. They have added lots of features to their SSDs that make it perform cleaner and accurately. The controller of the SSD is made by Phison. It allows to send or transfer files and data 4 times faster then normal HDD. Their SSD’s random read is very fast and it allows system start-up instantly and also reduces the game loading enormously. The SSDs are fully silent and there is zero noise. The rating of MTBF of the SSDs are 2 million hours with 15000G shock resistance. The SSDs have over 3 times life duration and 9 times durability when comparing with HDD. These SSDs are safe from any kind of magnetic devices or properties and also these are very energy efficient by consuming low amounts of power. The SSDs can also withstand high amount of temperature while performing any tasks and it supports TRIM and SMART technology.

Unix Network is providing you with the best quality Galax SSDs that have all been tested and checked. We have brought the best quality SSDs that is both reasonably priced and also has a greater performing rate. We are providing you with the most reasonable pricing compared to any other retailer in Bangladesh.

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