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Unisoft best price in dhaka

Healthcare Billing & Accounting Software
Hot -5 % 2-3 Days
Brand: Unisoft Model: Healthcare Billing & Accounting Software Referral commission
Features of Software Sales And Accounts Receivables Open Customer Accounts and Customer BranchesMake Sales Areas, Sales Types, Sales Groups, Salesman GroupsMake Sales Groups for grouping Customer BranchesPrepare Sales Quotations (with inquiry and creating of Sales Order..
৳190,000.00 ৳200,000.00
Ex Tax:৳190,000.00
Brand: Unisoft Model: VIP Discount Card
Enjoy 16,500/= taka Discount.Use this card for computer & Laptop servicing.Get Discount for Customize Software.This is bearer Card. anyone can use it easily.    ..
Ex Tax:৳500.00
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